Client’s Brief:

This job if for these 8 ladies. See the image . They should all have a similar pose since they usually pose together as a team.  I think arms at their side (kind of like the group mock-up – include their legs and feet 😉 ) might be best.

Photos with a suffix 001 – 006 are photos of the 8 individuals at good resolution.  2 of the images contain 2 persons side by side.  Hopefully, self explanatory.  I put names on the ladies in the shots for reference.

SR_Dallas_Background.jpg is my proposed background to the 8 persons who might stand on the grass foreground (suggested).  All I would ask is that if the front of the stadium in the back ends up visible in the drawing, be sure and pay attention to the 2 signature arches extending out from the front.  They are almost, but not quite, covered by trees.  If they were entirely missing in view, it would be noticed by people. The stadium is pretty famous for them.  (They may end up covered by persons, depending on how you want to do the layout).
The 2 files SR_Dallas_Legend1 and Legend2 are group shots of the 8 performing together.  I annotated names on them.  They are just for reference to help differentiate body types, and to see the design of their uniforms. You can link them back to the 001-006 images by name.
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